S-Cubic Technology

Cubik Service srl is the first company in Europe to offer S-Cubic technology!

To meet the new market demands, we have decided to invest in the new Japanese technology of the Japanese parent company S-Cubic, an update of the cubicle-making technique of which we have thirty years of experience and know-how that has allowed us to grow and become partners of the biggest companies in the automotive, biomedical, small household appliances, electrical and aeronautical sectors.

With the installation of a new generation system we will be ready to respond to the most innovative the most innovative design requirements, offering sharper, more defined textures and more homogeneous patterns with greater colour contrast. designs with greater chromatic contrast than ever before. It will also be possible to It will also be possible to create 3D effects and make the film dither, previously visible through a magnifying glass, disappear.

This means not only new fine-grained effects in wood models, but also metallic and shiny effects, thanks to the possibility of adding metallic and glass pigments to the activator.
The versatility of this process is one of the technology’s strengths, allowing both large and small pieces to be decorated. The versatility of this process is one of the technology’s strengths.
All of this is guaranteed and supported by continuous research and study for the development of trendy patterns. development of trendy patterns, which will then allow the decoration of components with a unique design, without investment in specific moulds.

A real revolution in the field of decoration techniques!